Revisable Ideas

We all have a default response to conflicts and irritations and as we rush around in this fast paced world many of us may act impulsively and impatiently towards strangers. If we took a moment to consider what would make us feel best, many of us would conclude that responding from a fortress of love would be ideal.

When we see people having a bad day in a bad mood we never see what led them there. 

To an outsider an enraged or irate person’s behavior may seem like madness. More often than not though if you could see what led people at their worst to be at that point, you’d probably lift them up and dust them off rather than scowl and judge.

Most evidence suggests that frozen beliefs, incapable of evolving as new info becomes available, do not serve modern humans best.

A variety of perspectives and more information often alters the conclusions of an observer.

Change seems to be the only universal constant or observation we can count on happening again. The world is not black and white, it is better understood as many shades of gray that advance as time elapses. Naturally as a result of everything changing: Attachments to forms begets suffering.

This message “Love Feels Best” is merely a neutral observation. Mother Nature coined the mantra. I’m just a messenger. I didn’t make this slogan up anymore than I created the language I’m using to convey it. The observations I have made are not my own as they are shared with countless others.

Beauty and darkness surround us and whatever we focus on grows stronger and consumes our lives more.

It is well established that whatever we surround our selves with has an impact on our thoughts our body and our health. That includes interior design, people, smells, ambience from our city, etc.

Darkness shouldn’t be ignored, hidden or denied. staring into it and examining its core has a tendency to help it evaporate and inspire.


Desirable events sometimes lead to awful tragedy and terrible loss may lead to overwhelming happiness. We never see the entire chain of events so labeling links at all is difficult.

Pain makes people great. Pain makes people sick. Pleasure makes people great. Pleasure makes people sick.


I’m merely a simple messenger made of sunlight and water and deeper down the same thing that makes all things.


🌊 The sea has her waves. Learn to ride them you must. It’s by them we are carried or violently crushed. – LFB

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