You be a sandcastle, I will be waves…



To enhance moods, lift spirits, warm hearts and inspire minds with artwork that reminds us that we are happiest when we embrace love, compassion and collaboration.

You can drift along the currents made by others or swim and make your own.

I have never revealed my identity or gender but people often apply one…


I use words, phrases and operate my instagram in ways that mislead anyone assuming gender in either direction…


The intention is for the message to stand alone and remain unbound to any individual, gender, religion, region, or political agenda. The more it becomes about me the less it is about the message. I didn’t  invent this message any more than I invented the language I’m using to convey it. The earth invented it. Reality coined the phrase. I’m merely a humble observer using limited receptors. Label me whatever you wish but please focus any energy on helping me spread the message if you feel inclined to assist 


The Limited Edition Love Feels Best shirts are high quality American Apparel made and printed in California by people paid humane wages. The ink is infused within the fabric not stuck on top so it will last as long as the fabric does

Love Feels Best


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