You be a sandcastle, I will be waves…


To promote the practice of compassion, warm hearts and inspire minds with streetart and products that remind us of the simple fact that human beings are healthiest and happiest when we embrace love, compassion & collaboration

You can drift along the currents made by others or start swimming and create your own

No identity, gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, political affiliations or number of individuals associated with the operation of Love Feels Best has ever been revealed, or ever will be

We use words, phrases and emojis that mislead anyone assuming any orientations in any directions

The intention is for the message to stand alone and remain unbound to any individual, gender, religion, region, or political agenda. The more it becomes about an individual or finite group the less it is about the message and it’s intended function 💞

I didn’t  invent this message any more than I invented the language I’m using to convey it. The earth invented it. Reality coined the phrase. I’m merely a humble observer using my limited biological components to experience and convey what seems to be reality.


Love Feels Best


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