A Wolfs Tale x2 – Acrylic on Paper – 2021
“__________” – Acrylic on Poster – 2020
Warp Face series 2022
Work in Progress
The Good Kisser
“Hermes Trismegistus” Acrylic on Canvas 2019

Message from the artist:

With my paintings I hope to share fundamental insights that are difficult to express with words. Interesting and surprising insights and ideas I have accumulated studying human behavior, religion, history, the brain and early childhood development.

When I’ve finished my discovery and development process as an artist and settled on a method and style I hope my art can disrupt dysphoria, heal, inspire, provoke, excite and entertain.
Transmuting ideas that limit into ideas that lift and altering perceptions in ways that help others is highly desirable for me.
Helping people makes me feel like my time in earth was spent in a useful delightful way. My art is for all people. I would never exclude or attack anyone because they were born some place different or because they look or sound different or were born with different abilities or capacities. I’ve actually always been drawn to foreigners and people that are not similar to those I’m familiar with. Talking to people who are like me and think like me and agree with me is no way to encounter new ideas, expand your mind or experience more of the beautiful mysteries this world has hidden. So much amazing stuff in this world is itching to be realized and manifested.

Thanks for visiting. Your time and support means everything to me.

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