Hxmelxnd Secxrity – Acrylic on Canvas 10/11/2022
A Wolfs Tale x2 – Acrylic on Paper – 2021
“__________” – Acrylic on Poster – 2020
Warp Face series 2022
Work in Progress
The Good Kisser
“Hermetic Heretic” Acrylic on Canvas 2019

Message from the artist:

Painting is therapeutic for me. When I dive into a piece I’m working on, the outside world stops and, I’m reminded how inadequate spoken language can be for conveying the often abstract experiences of being in a body. I hope my paintings can be like medicine and transmute the darkness to light for ever expanding audiences, using a vast language of subjects that offer insight upon their dissection. That which we are surrounded by shapes us. Let’s surround ourselves with lovers and lighthouse keepers. Student who take tests in a warmer comfortable environment do significantly better. So do students that are being mildly electrocuted. Patients recovering from procedures who spend time in carefully designed, often plants filled out door areas, recovery better.

Combining art with insights culled from behavioral sciences, I’d like to design spaces and massive installations, standing three stories tall, that entertain, educate and inspire. I want to design whimsical plant and animal shaped outdoor sculptures that audiences can interact and play with together. I’d love to reimagine art as a tool for teaching us about immigrants, indigenous populations and our history. I’d like to invent a series of wild looking public instruments that are designed to be played by a group of strangers.

Art and the audiences benefit most when we make art that we wish existed. Maybe it improves upon a design we saw or a song. It does something differently, examines a subject from a different perspective, under an alternative light, an opposite angle, etc. How would that almost perfect work be without that sound or color you dislike or perhaps extra bass sounds or more subtle color tones? With love I urge you to dive into the liberty and infinite possibilities we keep trapped inside our heads and struggle to access.