Month 1

(Friday Sept 16 2016)



Person Pitch by Panda Bear


The Epicure Food Girl by Mab Graves

(Mab is as adorable as her paintings and after following her for years, we suspect she is a sweet person)

Sculpture img_3155_1

Unknown by Jennifer Stark

(We have been huge fans for several years and it’s exciting to see her doing major projects)

Street Art123klan-dabs-myla-og-slick-askew1powwowhawaii2013-08

Unknown by Dabs Myla


 Floundering (1994)

(Insane, funny, unusual, deep, silly and full of surprising cameos)



(Linguistic, Funny, Thought Provoking, Educational)

Television Show

 Planet Earth

(Stunning Time-Lapse Photography, a giant budget, and years of commitment set this apart)

The End

Go outside and get some exercise if you’re able to!

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