The more a healthy human brain performs a function the better it becomes at doing so, to some extent. This is why practicing skills and operations, we have some capacity for, tends to help us improve. When we think a certain way frequently our brain physically changes. The connections in our brain and the associations between ideas grow stronger the more we use them. The neurons wire together and the connection gains strength as it’s maintained. If we adopt a specific mid set, desirable or not, it has a tendency to gain strength until we break the cycle and alter our thought processes, either by changing what we are exposed to or directly rewiring the brain with intent. When we are constantly exposed to very negative, irrational, and highly dysfunctional attitudes at a young age, it has a tendency to rub off profoundly. Even as adults being exposed to the ideas of others can seriously alter our mindset. The Human Brain is like a spongey mirror. If you fill it with garbage its likely to produce garbage. There are vast numbers of humans now and we are able to communicate globally at the speed of light. No matter what your perversion, misconception, prejudicial attitude or unreasonable assumption is; you can find plenty of other people that will agree and support your ideas. So what then is a reasonable indication that our chosen path is conscionable?

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