“I’m not convinced our underlying consciousness is divisible” -You

The objective of the Love Feels Best project is to disrupt dysphoria and share fundamental insights I have accumulated during a lifetime of studying human behavior and many of the sciences that surround it.

Some pieces may be intended to remind us that we are healthiest and happiest when we practice compassion and celebrate diversity. Other pieces may be intended to challenge our perceptions by transforming familiar objects and changing the psychological impact and emotional response they illicit. I might make a skull ooze with rainbow energy transforming its association with fear and death to an image that inspires wonder, aesthetic pleasure or the beauty in impermanence. Entropy can be as uplifting as it can be troubling when we examine it from varying perspectives.

I make temporary, flexible, revisable observations that can advance and adapt as new information becomes available. I try to use the data available to make the best conclusions i can with the cognizance that everything is subject to change and we do not know almost everything there is to know about how the world works.

Our important differences are often strengths we can combine to advance. The countless reasons all humans have to collaborate constitute a profound bond, should we choose to accept it.

It is eye opening when you cherish diversity and opposing perspectives. It has always been my nature to avoid righteous attitudes like poison as they seem to be responsible for most of the more barbaric and inhuman actions throughout our time on erf.

One of my dreams is to create highly interactive therapeutic audio visual art installations that are exciting. I wish for my creations to invigorate, educate, challenge, entertain, heal and bring people together to play new games.

Imagine giant whimsical plant, animal and people sculptures three stories high that connect communities and bring them out to play and wonder together. They could theoretically emit sound and light caused by the object collaborating with its environment using a complex group of methods I want to develop. Heat, wind, static electricity charge and air pressure are all elements I wish to incorporate into the guts of my gigantic automatic instruments.

Refugees should never be imprisoned.


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