“I’m not convinced our underlying consciousness is divisible” -You

The objective of the Love Feels Best project is to disrupt dysphoria and inspire hearts with artwork. Some pieces may remind us that we are healthiest and happiest when we practice compassion and celebrate diversity. Other pieces may be intended to challenge our perceptions by transforming familiar objects and changing the psychological impact and emotional response they illicit. I might make a skull ooze with rainbow energy transforming its association with fear and death to an image that inspires wonder, aesthetic pleasure or the beauty in impermanence.

I make temporary, flexible observations that can advance and adapt as new information becomes available. I try to use the data available to make the best conclusions i can with the cognizance that everything is subject to change.

Our differences are often strengths and coupled with our similarities they constitute a profound bond, should we choose to accept it. It is eye opening when you cherish diversity and opposing perspectives. It has always been my nature to avoid righteous attitudes like poison as they seem to be responsible for most of the more barbaric and inhuman actions throughout our time on erf.

One of my dreams is to create highly interactive therapeutic audio visual art installations that are exciting. I wish for my creations to invigorate, educate, challenge, entertain, heal and bring people together to play new games.

Another dream of mine is to create gigantic sculptures that emit sound and light caused by the object collaborating with its environment using a complex group of methods I want to develop. Heat, wind, static electricity charge and air pressure are all elements I wish to incorporate into the guts of my gigantic automatic instruments.

Art x Science + Love = Medicinal Art/LFB

Intuitive insights multiplied by scientific revelations and distilled into sophisticated simplified imagery aimed at maximizing the power that images and sounds have on the mind and body.

That which we focus our attention and energy on tends to dominate our minds and shape our lives. The more we behave or think a certain way, the more our brains reshape themselves to meet our needs.

If you find yourself surrounded by negativity and unhelpful attitudes. Or without guidance and direction or purpose. Maybe your brain wired itself to facilitate more of that which you have been surrounded by. Perhaps it won’t be until you change your surroundings and begin to heal that you will become able to realize what even took place.

According to my observations among the least desirable human traits is the tendency toward conformity. Alongside it is our propensity for being so sure we are correct we won’t even hear or consider different ideas. I try to always stay open to the thoughts of others because it has benefited me. I feel like my love of diversity and foreigners has provided me with a richer life than our neighbors who are xenophobic and surround themselves only with people that are similar and think alike.

Science is now confirming what many teachings have been saying for thousands of years. When we practice compassion we experience multiple health benefits from extended and deeper sleep to reduced inflammation and instances of cancer.

It is not compassionate or loving to allow someone to attack, mistreat or deceive yourself or others. Without silence, empires and predators would never gain and retain the power they are granted by the opinion of the communitie’s they exploit.

You are what you see, hear, eat, think and do. A little bit or a lot of whoever or whatever surrounds you, rubs off onto you and changes you forever. You are constantly changing at levels ranging from micro to macro.

It seems that we need only to merely look at a strawberry or think of one to vicariously experience the sensations of its feel, taste, smell and sounds.

Environmental psychology suggests that when we look at something which produces sensations, the brain hardly distinguishes the experience of looking from the experience of touching, once it has learned what touching is like so it has a frame of reference, wether is accurate or not. When you look at the hand rail going up a flight of stairs your body and mind instantly responds differently if you see a wooden rail as opposed to an iron rail. You can instantly experience the sensation of running your hand along either as you climb the stairs. When students are tested in a traditional classroom setting they score lower than when they are placed in a cozy desirable environment.

Can a smile from the right person at the right time lift a mood or inspire kindness? In the most extreme instances, prevent a suicide or homicide? Can a sticker, a painting, music or film suddenly disrupt dysphoria, heal or inspire? According to the feedback I’ve received on numerous occasions my streetart has had this effect on my neighbors.

Can we build a community of love based on truth that sets an example as bright as shining sunlight? Perhaps the best way to bring people together and change the system is to lead by example. Demonstrate a better way and everyone will want it.

Maybe your greatest strength is that there is not another you. No one else can have your thoughts, capacities or capabilities. Our differences can be advantages.

A growing number of earthlings agree that now is the time to shift the dominant paradigm from greed to love from “Gain wealth forgetting all but self” to “Let’s work together to find sustainable ways to thrive and gorge ourselves on the realized potentials of all people. Why limit our species to a selected few that prosper from a system that rewards predators who build empires.”

I create paintings, sculptures, music, sounds film, photographs, soups, juices, laughs, hugs etc.

One of my more grandiose art fantasies is to found an art collective live and work space that enables creatives to connect, heal, learn, play, practice and advance. I want to develop the concept to be strong enough to expand to every major city in the hopes of enabling artists worldwide to come together and meet their dreams.

Im thinking a venue like The Avalon ( Formerly The Palace ) in Hollywood. Perhaps we would perform vaudevilleesque variety shows nightly at midnight to help serve the existing and help cultivate a richer nightlife in every major city. We may have food and orher treats by locals businesses that desire exposure or options by our in house team.

Our main events will include a seires of performers each night that only perform for a few minutes each. The aim would be to contour our product to meet the demands of our short attention spanned adhd world of clips and headlines we are living in.

Id like to reimagine audience participation and at times make them part of the show in ways not previously conceived because the participatory concepts I have in mind weren’t possible without new technologies.

Finally, I’d like to share an observation I made recently. There is a new term I’ve heard floating around, “Toxic Positivty”. My immediate response to this idea was, “Yes that’s a thing and it’s not good for humans”. So what is my view of what this phrase means and why do I think teaching and philosophies that preach it disservice their audience?

I understand the phrase to describe the types of attitude that invalidate the feelings of others. People practicing toxic positivty may urge another person to deny or repress their healthy valid feelings of anger, sadness or fear. They may admonish you for mourning a loss or suggest that you chose to allow an undesirable event to impact you. When human beings aren’t able to express their emotions freely in a healthy and productive manner, it usually takes a toll on their well being. I think it’s important that we experience the entire spectrum of emotions as they present themselves organically. We should use them to our advantage when possible while striving to keep them from ruling us or pushing us into cycles. Loops of mental misery in which we allow, or are powerless to stop, our mind from hurting us by traumatizing us again and again by repeating an event mentally and the emotions that are associated with it.

“I have only made this letter longer because I have not had the time to make it shorter.” – Blaise Pascal

“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum” 
– Noam Chomsky